History of Makeup

It has been around for 6,000 years in human history

Cosmetics date from Egypt and Greece

In the Old Testament in The Bible, 2 Kings 9:30, Jezebel painted her eyes in 840 BC

Have been used across the globe from:


Egypt, eye liner was applied as Nefertiti the Great Royal Wife wore it.


Middle East

Persia, black Kohl powder used to smear and darken the edges of eyes like eyeliner.


Chou Dynasty, plum blossom leaves a floral imprint on the forehead to enhance beauty.



Crushed safflower petals to paint eyebrows and lips. Rice powder colors the face and back, indicating that she is still “new.”japan


White lead paint was used to attempt to lighten skin, however it was poisonous and killed many women. Spanish prostitutes wore pink makeup to contact pale skin and in   the 13th Century, Italian women wore red lipstick to show they were elites.

The Americas and Australia

Native American tribes painted faces for ceremonies or war battle.



As we compare to the history of makeup and how it has evolved, women can see that it derives from traditions, cultures and representation of how a woman or man should look. Like in Africa and the Middle East, the “cat eye” known as eyeliner today is still very popular and we can see how it has stuck to many cultures today. In Asia, the white-powdered face represents a woman still being “new”, like a virgin ready to get married and become a wife. As well as the Europeans staying true to their pale skin, white lead paint was used to stay pale but it is a toxic that can be dangerous to the skin. Today, powered isn’t used to an extreme, but women use powder to cover flaws, extract shine from the skin and look and feel beautiful as the Asian and European culture felt.


LOVING makeup, hiding flaws.

Girls love makeup and can be addicted to putting it on just because it makes them feel beautiful.


Hides your flaws and imperfections such as pimples, blemishes, scars, dark circles and spots.

From popping pimples to scaring on the face to sunburns and spots, foundation and tinted moisturizer has definitely helped me cover up those flaws for when I need that extra cover up. Some makeup can be good for your skin like moisturizers. SPF Skin protection from the sun.


An ego booster and self-confidence.

I definitely feel more prettier with makeup on. It’s not because I feel ugly but simply because the colors, textures and enhancements that makeup does can look nice. It also gives me compliments at my job and in the public eye on how my face looks which makes me feel good about how I look.


A HUGE business in this world to market, advertise, promote and sell products world-wide.

A lot of modeling agencies look for faces that are adaptable to their ads and promotions of products. Especially in CoverGirl commercials, a new face always appears to show of their product. The more youthful you look, the better. This can create competition in go-sees and even television shows. For example America’s Next Top Model .


Creates jobs for celebrity makeup arists and workers at stores such as MAC Cosmetics, Sephora, Avon etc.


It’s fun to experiment on what and what does not look good on your face, skin tone, and face features…sort of like an art form of painting and creativity!

Many industries in the fashion world have jobs due to the makeup needed to apply on a model’s face. Sometimes it can look abstract, different, wierd but people enjoy that. This entertainment can be fun for those who enjoy doing it.




Many girls are inspired by the hollywood look and celebrities in order to imitate their look.

I personally follow celebrities to get inspired by their looks and try to imitate it.


Some people even do makeup tutorials on youtube.com/nguerriero19 and I’m sure she makes $ off of it. Shout out to you Nicole! (Her passion)



HATING makeup, go bare.

Many girls do not wear makeup simply because they don’t. It is applying “cake-face” as most would say and it is unessesary to cover up those flaws.

” I don’t wear makeup because I don’t need to wear it.

It’s too much for me.”

-Zizi (my co-worker at Zara)


It wastes time on putting on in the mornings and taking it off at night. SO annoying!

As I come home late at night after a night out with friends, the struggle of taking off the makeup is so not worth it, especially when I am tired and sleepy. Sometimes I just go straight to bed and not even care about taking it all off. The next morning, my pillow cases are all covered in black and foundation. When I don’t wash the pillow cases, the makeup from nights before accumulates and causes blemishes overtime.

makeup smere

At the end of the day, it becomes greasy and smears off your face, especially in the hot summer days when you are all sweaty.

For all those girls who wear makeup, it becomes drippy and nasty in the summer time. Especially when girls go to the beach or the gym for example. Why wear makeup when you will sweat? Controversial.


Putting on too much makes you look old and wierd.

Have you ever seen those old grandmas who just won’t quit on looking young? Or young women who do not know how to apply makeup properly and overdo it? One way or another, ladies, you must know how to apply makeup. Too much can scare people and different techniques work for different skin types, bone structures and skin color.


Natural beauty is the best…as most boys would say. They don’t even care or recognize that you wear it anyway!

This idea of “boys noticing” can be very tricky. My brother David for example, notices when I don’t wear makeup and says I look like a ghost. Other guy friends would say they don’t notice the difference and don’t care. Some would rather a girl not wear makeup at all. With this I believe it’s is on how much makeup a girl applies on her face, how often she wears it, and that determines whether it is noticable or not.


“If Beyoncé can brave her bare face in a documentary for the whole world to see, then we can too.”



A lot of celebrity fans follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. and see how famous people look without makeup. Beyonce for example, is being the example that natural beauty is ok.

“Mascara can cause blindness as it contains pseudomonas aeruginosa which is a very harmful therapy bacteria.” – http://listcrux.com/top-10-harmful-effects-of-using-cosmetics/

I was once told that the little-hole under your eyes where you cry, The Lacrimal Punctum can be harmed by the eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow because the makeup can enter that pore.

What is in makeup


Lipsticks (Revlon and Estee Lauder) & makeup removers: Lanolin (Grease from Animal Fur)


Is it bad for you? No. Just gross…

Eye makeup & Lipsticks: Oil squeezed from the liver of a shark


“Many cosmetic companies have turned away from shark livers because of the hunt for the animals”


With this information, I am really bummed and freaked out about the whole idea that I am putting wierd greases and oils on my face that come from different animals. It makes me feel like these animals are getting, killed, hurt, taken out of their natural environment and possibly be getting extinct by interfering with nature all because it needs to be sold and put on women’s faces to make them pretty with makeup. Eventually, makeup does run out and the individual using it goes back out to the store (CVS, Duane Reade, Sephora, MAC etc.) in order to purchase more. It can be a waste of resources, a drag, time consuming, and even a waste of time. However, makeup is a business that makes loads of money off of its users. 

“Women Spend an Average of $15,000 on Makeup in Their Lifetimes”


This controversial ideology can be extreme. “One factory in China’s Zhejiang Province is killing over 600 whale sharks annually.” As well, as smuggling fish oil, this business can also lead to issues of legalities and its trading within countries. Would one consider the stop of using makeup if they knew nature and sharks were at risks of endagerment in Asia? Even from a Vegiterian point of view this paradox can become challenging as many Vegitarians do not eat meat for the purposes of saving animal lives. Ironically, shark is fish, not meat, and they are getting killed as well.

“Oil from the liver is extracted for skin care products and lipstick”


Is makeup good for you or not?

As a result to this research, I will continue wearing makeup regardless on whether animals get killed or not. I feel very bad on this statement, however animals will continue getting killed whether or not I stop wearing makeup. It has changed the perspective and enhanced my knowledge on its history, where it comes from and why women wear it. I love makeup and will continue to wear it to a certain degree. Wearing less would be the best option, instead of putting loads on my face daily.