LOVING makeup, hiding flaws.

Girls love makeup and can be addicted to putting it on just because it makes them feel beautiful.


Hides your flaws and imperfections such as pimples, blemishes, scars, dark circles and spots.

From popping pimples to scaring on the face to sunburns and spots, foundation and tinted moisturizer has definitely helped me cover up those flaws for when I need that extra cover up. Some makeup can be good for your skin like moisturizers. SPF Skin protection from the sun.


An ego booster and self-confidence.

I definitely feel more prettier with makeup on. It’s not because I feel ugly but simply because the colors, textures and enhancements that makeup does can look nice. It also gives me compliments at my job and in the public eye on how my face looks which makes me feel good about how I look.


A HUGE business in this world to market, advertise, promote and sell products world-wide.

A lot of modeling agencies look for faces that are adaptable to their ads and promotions of products. Especially in CoverGirl commercials, a new face always appears to show of their product. The more youthful you look, the better. This can create competition in go-sees and even television shows. For example America’s Next Top Model .


Creates jobs for celebrity makeup arists and workers at stores such as MAC Cosmetics, Sephora, Avon etc.


It’s fun to experiment on what and what does not look good on your face, skin tone, and face features…sort of like an art form of painting and creativity!

Many industries in the fashion world have jobs due to the makeup needed to apply on a model’s face. Sometimes it can look abstract, different, wierd but people enjoy that. This entertainment can be fun for those who enjoy doing it.




Many girls are inspired by the hollywood look and celebrities in order to imitate their look.

I personally follow celebrities to get inspired by their looks and try to imitate it.


Some people even do makeup tutorials on youtube.com/nguerriero19 and I’m sure she makes $ off of it. Shout out to you Nicole! (Her passion)




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