What is in makeup


Lipsticks (Revlon and Estee Lauder) & makeup removers: Lanolin (Grease from Animal Fur)


Is it bad for you? No. Just gross…

Eye makeup & Lipsticks: Oil squeezed from the liver of a shark


“Many cosmetic companies have turned away from shark livers because of the hunt for the animals”


With this information, I am really bummed and freaked out about the whole idea that I am putting wierd greases and oils on my face that come from different animals. It makes me feel like these animals are getting, killed, hurt, taken out of their natural environment and possibly be getting extinct by interfering with nature all because it needs to be sold and put on women’s faces to make them pretty with makeup. Eventually, makeup does run out and the individual using it goes back out to the store (CVS, Duane Reade, Sephora, MAC etc.) in order to purchase more. It can be a waste of resources, a drag, time consuming, and even a waste of time. However, makeup is a business that makes loads of money off of its users. 

“Women Spend an Average of $15,000 on Makeup in Their Lifetimes”


This controversial ideology can be extreme. “One factory in China’s Zhejiang Province is killing over 600 whale sharks annually.” As well, as smuggling fish oil, this business can also lead to issues of legalities and its trading within countries. Would one consider the stop of using makeup if they knew nature and sharks were at risks of endagerment in Asia? Even from a Vegiterian point of view this paradox can become challenging as many Vegitarians do not eat meat for the purposes of saving animal lives. Ironically, shark is fish, not meat, and they are getting killed as well.

“Oil from the liver is extracted for skin care products and lipstick”